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• Save $4-9 K over campus housing, Female student/ staff only. Apartment share.
• Busy, mature female doctor / filmmaker renting 9x14x9 ` in lg, sunrise apartment. `A` train next door. Share kitchen, bath, 450 sq ft common area.
• direct to NYU, Fordham, CUNY, CUMC, Columbia, Barnard, TC main campuses.
• Safe, art deco building: security guards, cameras, elevator, laundry room. Financial, school, housing references required

Join us at Stony Point, this beautiful setting, for fun, relaxation and some thoughtful discernment around Creating a Community of Care. Registration for our retreat is attached.
Or contact Charlene Ray at moneycoach@earthlink.net for information

Please join me for breakfast at 9:30am, Sunday, June 26, in the Riverside Café. Tell the cashier you are with the Quakers and we pick up the tab. It is a great way to become better acquainted with Morningsiders in a relaxed, informal setting; it is also a good time to ask any questions about the meeting and its activities.
Charlene Ray, moneycoach@earthlink.net