Call for submissions

I am the co-editor of an online, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal, The Dancer-Citizen, that explores the work of socially engaged dance artists.  We have just issued the call for submissions for a special issue on community, belonging and obligation; and are inviting submissions from across all areas of academic inquiry and practice--including but also extending beyond the various arts communities.
The special issue arises from a series of conversations and encounters with colleagues across a full range of disciplines around such questions as if social responsibility is a driving value, how did it develop?  Is our professional practice the result of the value? or more of a tool or pathway by which the value can be brought to life?
I'm particularly sharing this call as an invitation to our meeting, in the hope that some may be moved to contribute.  I'd be happy to answer any questions, and to discuss any possibilities for including individual work.  The call casts a deliberately wide net--we assume that contributors will be engaged far beyond the boundaries of our familiarity!
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Thanks very much,
Jane Alexandre PhD
Co-founding Editor, The Dancer-Citizen