Prison Ministry

Contemporary Quakers emphasize the concept of restorative justice, in which the emphasis is not upon retribution of one, but on the restoration of all.  The victim, offender and community all have equal stakes in a process of justice that repairs rather than punishes. These ideas are consistent with the Quaker belief in equality, that spring from an understanding that there is that of God in everyone and the all are able to respond to the Light within. 

Members of Morningside support prison reform, not only financially, but also with their time.  Several members of the community have been led to such ministries as the Woodbourne Worship Group, education of the Meeting about restorative Justice, Ministry and support to incarcerated mothers with children, and programs for the reentry of incarcerated men and women into society.

Since 2012, the Woodbourne Prison Worship Group has been under the care of Morningside.