Morningside Meeting will hold our next virtual meeting for worship on June 7 at 11 a.m. The virtual meeting room will be open at 10:45 a.m. for Friends and attenders to begin to gather. Worship will be followed by a period of afterwords, and introductions of visitors and newcomers.

Meeting for Worship will be followed at 12:45 p.m. by meeting for worship with a concern for business. The agenda and committee reports will be emailed to the meeting list on Friday, June 5 so that Friends may consider them before we meet.

If you are new to Morningside, or not on the email list, please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.

As Friends reflect on and discern individual and community action for social justice:

  • Information on the Quaker peace testimony can be found here.
  • Information about nonviolent action for social change and the Alternatives to Violence Project can be found at:

-AVP New York
-AVP International

  • Information about legislative action and the Friends Committee on National Legislation can be found at FCNL.org

Morningside Meeting Ministry and Counsel is a committee charged with the pastoral care of the meeting. Members are available to answer questions about Quakerism, about Friends Meeting, about the peace testimony, about alternatives to violence, and to provide support. To reach the committee, please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.

The Peace Testimony

Like everyone else, Quakers live in the real world. Insights which are gloriously clear in the spirit translate into words or actions which seem muddled and imperfect. From time to time we fail; we fudge; we are hurt and hurt others. To accept as a certainty the spiritual conviction which underlies the peace testimony is not to be certain of the outcome. We cannot guarantee that we will never kill, far less that we will never do violence to those with whom we share the earth. Nor can we, by refusing to do harm and seeking always for a creative response in conflict, ensure either our own personal safety or the triumph of the causes we support. We can only choose to live day by day as if it were possible always to defend what we value and to resolve conflict without deliberate harm - in such a way that if damage occurs, healing is possible.

If we choose to attempt this, we are not alone. Those who have lived and witnessed before us (by no means all of them Quakers) have left examples to find and follow. Those of us alive now who are struggling with the same dilemmas can offer each other comfort, courage and support. And we are many. Like seventeenth-century Quakers, we live in an 'end time' - a time of crisis, of rapidly shifting perceptions, a time of great danger and great opportunity. People are becoming aware of their interdependence, and of the interconnectedness of creation. We are beginning to realise that security is common, indivisible, and cannot be assured by military means. To seek to live, at such a time, in 'that life and power that takes away the occasion of all wars' is no longer (if it ever was) a saintly, other-worldly alternative; it is now an urgent and practical imperative.

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