A Message from the Clerk, Morningside Monthly Meeting


Morningside Meeting will hold our next virtual meeting for worship on March 29 at 11 a.m. Worship will be followed by a period of afterwords, introductions, and announcements. The virtual meeting room will be open at 10:45 a.m. for Friends and attenders to begin to gather

Instructions for using Zoom to join meeting for worship will be sent separately. If you are new to Morningside, or not on the email list, please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.

Help is available from our communications committee and from others for anyone using Zoom for the first time. Please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.

For anyone needing assistance during this time of isolation—whether for errands, daily phone contact, internet/computer issues, or other kinds of support—Morningside Meeting is ready to help. Please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.

There will be no Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business in April, all business will be held over to May. 

Bible study and the racial justice study group are organizing to meet online. Information will be sent to the meeting list and will be updated here.

We continue our search for a way forward together. Daniel A. Seeger reminds us that it has often been thus, with the message “social distance need not be spiritual distance”.

In Friendship and with thanks,

Jane Alexandre, Clerk



Social Distance Need Not be Spiritual Distance

A Message from Daniel A. Seeger

Dear Friends,

Since the beginning of the Quaker movement, Friends have found ways to nurture the Spirit remotely. In the early days travel was slow and difficult. Although Friends then and now rely on the movement of the Spirit in a gathered meeting to make decisions, Friends have also written journals, circulated letters, and published pamphlets as a way to witness to Truth among people separated in space.

Today we have modern means of communication which make remote connections much more immediate. 

As we practice a healthy self-isolation while the COVID-19 epidemic runs its course, we need not spend all our time focused on it, although it is useful to keep up-to-date with information pertaining to community health.

I am sharing the link below as a contribution to spiritual dialogue conducted remotely. There are three albums of photographs taken while on journeys of religious service, and there are essays on spiritual themes. Browse a bit; not everything will be of interest. I hope others will do similar sharing, and that we can use the Morningside Meeting’s blog to dialogue about the ways Truth is manifested to us.

Here is the link:  https://www.quakervoice.org

With loving good wishes,

Daniel A Seeger

March 19, 2020


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