NYYM Summer Session

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 18:15 to Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 12:15



Welcome! You are invited to join New York Yearly Meeting Friends at Summer Sessions!


When is the last time you spent a whole week in a beautiful place among hundreds of people who all share your Quaker values? A place with beautiful lakeside beaches, smiling faces of all ages who meet to share stories about their Quaker leadings and good works—and the opportunity to do business, using best Quaker practices, that supports your spiritual community?


George Fox envisioned “a great people waiting to be gathered.” With Pay as Led, we need wait no longer! At Silver Bay, on beautiful Lake George, even our YMCA campus hosts share the best of Christian values. The feeling of the Light shining forth from a great people is everywhere and is a great uplift for the Spirit. Come to learn or to share or just for the respite from the muck of angry political discourse. Meet wonderful Friends and hear about the remarkable good works they do. Sit in deep worship sharing every morning after breakfast with a small group, if that is your inclination. Take part in Bible study. Join or listen to singing in the wooden rocking chairs on the long front porch of the Inn. Take part in interest groups that speak to you. Come to business meetings that provide our way forward for our community for the next year. Play frisbee with happy children on the front lawn. Participate in intergenerational events. Or just bask in the fullness of Spirit all around you.


This year’s theme is Friends Come in All Ages, Sizes and Colors: Our Path toward Being Inclusive


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