Morningside Quaker Meeting

Peace & Social Concerns Committee

As Friends, we are called to live out the values that we proclaim within. Our work for social justice arises out of our belief that there is the Divine in all. Quakers believe that equality is a given, for we we are all created in the image of God, and equality of access to the Spirit must be accompanied by equality of access to the social, economic, or political aspects of the world, so that the world without must be in harmony with the world within.

Social action is not an activity that is grafted onto a spiritual life; it is the very fruit of a spiritual life. The more that we come into the presence of the Spirit within, the more will we also come into contact with the world without.

For Friends at Morningside, social action is associated with the Peace & Social Concerns Committee. This committee acts as a Committee of the Whole, which means that all are invited to attend meetings and participate in decisions.