Morningside Quaker Meeting

Mentors needed

Jerry Reisig shares:


I had such a meaningful experience mentoring a younger person last year (I continue talking with him) that I have signed up for another session. This time around, we have more than enough Seekers, but we lack older Mentors to work with them. If you have any interest in mentoring a younger person, please sign up. (If during the process you find that it is too much, you can always stop.) You do not have to be “good” or “comfortable” with younger people to do this (my knowledge was very minimal), but your experience as a Friend could be invaluable. The program provides excellent training and support. Trust me; I know.

Access the full information packet at and sign up at The deadline to sign up is November 30 (Marissa just informed me that it has been moved up a little)!

If you have any questions, contact the wonderful Marissa Badgley, the Interim Director @

In Friendship,
Jerry Reisig