Morningside Quaker Meeting

Respond to CQL Survey Recommendations on September 19 at 12:45

At our last Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business the clerk invited Morningside Friends to consider recommendations from NYQM based on a survey among NYC Friends. The survey, “Study on the Needs and Concerns of Elder Quakers in New York City”, was performed under the direction of CQL (Concerns for Quaker Living) a working group under the care of NYQM Ministry and Counsel Committee.

The four recommendations to consider are:

  1. Create a detailed proposal of what could be developed to support older Friends’ housing needs
  2. Develop and maintain relationships between monthly meetings and one or two service providers for older people
  3. Grow a more cohesive capacity to communicate with individual NYC Friends
  4. Foster a culture of trust

While these four recommendations are intertwined, CQL has some thoughts about what could be developed to support housing needs of Older Friends and would like to move forward with a feasibility study, using funds previously donated for this purpose.

Morningside Meeting has been asked to respond to these recommendations at the NYQM meeting In October. In order that everyone may be as well informed as possible, Carol Wilkinson and Charlene Ray are representing CQL and will be available to talk more about the work of CQL and answer any questions, Sunday, Sept 19, 12:45pm after Meeting for Worship. The zoom link will be the same as for Meeting for Worship.

For your convenience a summary of the survey and the actual survey are available here. We hope that Morningside Friends will support this initiative.

Please feel free to contact Charlene or Carol via if you have any questions or concerns.

The Zoom link is the same as the one for meeting for worship. We will start at 12:45 and hope to see you there!