Morningside Quaker Meeting

Proposed Minute from the Morningside Meeting Prisons Committee

In light of the COVID epidemic, we would like the Meeting to consider approving a minute encouraging Governor Cuomo to exercise his right to grant clemency to those in prison who have made positive changes, especially those who are elderly or have conditions that make them especially vulnerable to COVID.

Morningside Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends urges Governor Cuomo to be compassionate and to exercise his power of clemency in this time when cases of COVID are increasing. Releasing those who are incar- cerated who have shown growth and change, especially the elderly, those with health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID and those serving very long sen- tences would cut down on cases. As Friends, we believe and have experienced the power of God’s love to bring about change. We urge the Governor to recognize the changes these men and women have made and to release them from prison.