Morningside Quaker Meeting

Save the Date! Protect Our Ocean March

June Tano shares this message with the community:

We will have a march and rally on Saturday, October 2nd. It is to stop releasing the radioactive water from Fukushima, Japan. If the voice is loud, the Japanese government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) may listen. So I am hoping many of you can join us. More details are on our flyer, and I will send it to you if you want.

We have a few friends kindly offered to volunteer. It would be great if you could help us too; such as taking photos and videos at the parks or/and streets. We also have some giveaway flyers and pamphlets at the sites. If you can help us, that’s great! Please let me know.

The march plan is as follows:

  • Attenders are encouraged to wear masks, and take a social distancing.
  • If you have, please wear something blue (ocean color).
  • Bring any size of paper, panel, or cloth, that has “Protect Our Ocean” sign or any message/ drawing regarding the clean ocean.
  • Meet at west side of Bryant Park (6th Ave. & 41st St.) around 10:45 am.
  • The march starts at 11:00 am from there to 42nd St. (south side) —Second Ave.(east side) —47th St.
  • The last stop is Dag Hammarskjold Plaza/ bet. First Ave. and Second Ave. & 47th St.
  • Rally will start at 12:00 noon, and end at 1:00 pm. There will be speeches, performance, singing, and information sharing. If you or your friend want to make a speech (2-3 minutes) about “Protect Our Ocean”, that’ll be great. Please let me know.

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to seeing you on October 2nd!