Morningside Meeting will hold our next virtual meeting for worship on August 9th at 11 a.m.  The virtual meeting room will be open at 10:45 a.m. for Friends and attenders to begin to gather.  Worship will be followed by a period of afterwords, announcements, and introductions of guests and newcomers to meeting.

If you are new to Morningside, or not on the email list, and wish to attend, please email:  morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com

Morningside Meeting Ministry and Counsel is a committee charged with the pastoral care of the meeting. Members are available to answer questions about Quakerism, about Friends Meeting, about the peace testimony, about alternatives to violence, and to provide support. To reach the committee, please email: morningsidequakermeeting@gmail.com.


Minute on BLM and Racial Justice for
Morningside Monthly Meeting

As Quakers, a core truth we hold is the experience of that of God within each person. From this knowledge, we have a testimony of equality as a centerpoint of our faith. In a society built on genocidal violence, racist systems and institutions, we recognize that equality is not enough. We must testify for equity and justice to more fully manifest the Light within us all.

Black lives matter. Black lives not only matter but inspire, bring joy, and make our community as Morningside Monthly Meeting whole. In our journey of bearing witness and seeking the Light, we see the destructiveness of white supremacy across humanity and hear the words ringing true that none of us are free until all of us are free.

We commit to acting in solidarity with the struggle for racial justice and against police brutality and we take up the demands of the movement for concrete steps to make our world safer for people of color. The police and prison system must be demilitarized and funding for those systems must be reduced drastically. It’s time to reallocate critical resources to the community for education, housing, jobs, and mental and physical healthcare. We dedicate ourselves to a continuous and ever-evolving effort to dismantle systemic racism, seeking equality, equity, and justice as we grow as individuals and a Spirit-led community.

Our Welcome Brochure is meant to orient newcomers to the Meeting and welcome back old Friends.

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