LOOK UP! Visions from Under the Canopy


15th Street Meeting
15 Rutherford Place New York 10003
United States

How would you like to lay on the carpet (or a bench) at 15th Street Meetinghouse on Feb. 18 and look up into a canopy of linden trees in all seasons?


Amala Lane and her partner, Steven Soblick have been photographing and video recording the view from under the jewel-like tree canopy of the Lindens on Linden Terrace.  A full program lasts 55 min and takes you through all seasons with both still and moving images.




With original music composed by Gabriel Richards. We also show a short contemplative documentary featuring naturalist and author, Leslie Day. Anyone who goes on nature walks up in Northern Manhattan's parks has probably had the privilege of her good humor and great knowledge of all things in nature.


During the day, which runs from 1:30-8:00 pm - you may come and go as you like - we will have some activities in the Common Room. I will announce more details closer to the date but we plan on having a worship sharing around being in touch with nature and how that helps to keep one grounded, and resilient.


Please rsvp to the event linked above.


Looking forward to seeing you!

Also, we need volunteers to serve as greeters, provide information about Quakerism, help with set up and clean up and keep an eye on the equipment in the two locations: meeting room and common room. If you are interested in helping out, please contact: Amala Lane  laneamala@gmail.com or text 646-256-4908 with subject heading: LOOK UP VOLUNTEER