Morningside Communications - A How-to Guide

Morningside Monthly Meeting



Morningside Monthly Meeting has several different communication channels available for Friends and attenders to keep in touch with the meeting and with each other.  Each channel serves a different purpose:


·      Morningside Monthly Meeting email account:

This is the meeting’s email account used only for meeting-wide messages (for instance, distributing links to virtual meeting for worship) to all members and attenders who have given contact information to the meeting.


·      Morningside Meeting web site: 

The site offers information on Morningside activities, archived newsletters, our calendar, a bulletin board where Friends and attenders can post items of interest to the community, and links to the wider Quaker community.


The site is open for all; Friends and attenders wishing to post to the calendar and bulletin board should email for log in information.  


·      Peace and Social Concerns Google Group:

This is an unmoderated forum for sharing information and ideas about peace and justice issues, especially information on upcoming actions and events not directly associated with Quakers.


To join this list:

-contact and request that your email be included on the list.

To use this list:

-go to

-search Peace and Social Concerns

-click on the red button “New Topic”, and post your information.


·       Facebook

Morningside Meeting posts information about our meeting, the wider community, and associated concerns.  Friends and attenders may post information about individual non-meeting related activities (e.g., book launches, concerts, tours, speaking engagements).


The page can be found at:


This is the Facebook bulletin board, a place for Friends to share news and events from around NYC: ("Morningside Bulletin Board"):



·       Newsletter

The monthly newsletter includes the Morningside calendar, including activities of NYQM, NYYM, Pendle Hill, and Powell House; minutes of monthly meeting for business, and, beginning in September 2020, and new section “News of Friends” for information about individual non-meeting related activities.  The newsletter is distributed to the full meeting list, and is archived on the web site.


To submit an item to the “News of Friends” section, please email