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An Urgent Call to the Religious Society of Friends, May 2022

Art Moritz shares:

Some members and attenders of Morningside Monthly Meeting have been informally discussing the subject “Urgent Call”. Its text is available from the sponsors only as a downloadable PDF file. As such, it is not smartphone friendly.

Our Communications Committee has made an HTML version available on the website so that our members and attenders can more easily view the “Urgent Call” on their phones.

Bulletin Board, Communications and Website Commitee

Invitation to First Day Breakfast

Charlene Ray writes:

We invite you to join us for breakfast at the Riverside Cafe at Riverside Church on Sunday, August 28, at 9:30am, in person. We love this chance to be with each other, catch up and share what’sgoing on at Morningside and in Quakerism so we hope you will join us. Anyone at Riverside can direct you to the cafe, go through the line, select your food and tell the cashier you are with the Quakers and come join us at one of the round tables; the Meeting will pick up the tab. We hope to see you there!

Bulletin Board

Artist Profile: Ed Sorel

Sally Campbell shares:

Here is a profile of one of our more famous Morningsiders: Ed Sorel.

Ed Sorel Artist Profile

Gary Sandman wrote a book, Quaker Artists, which we have in our library. Every month he writes about another Quaker artist and this time it was about Ed who joined our meeting a long time ago, but we still claim him as ours. On the shelf in the library called By Morningsiders there are books and CD’s by many past and present members including Ed.

Gary’s book and artists pieces he wrote subsequent to the book are available through his website:

Bulletin Board

Charlotte Erhman

Charlene Ray shares:

Charlotte Erhman, a cherished Morningsider, is recovering from a fall at Village/Care on West Houston Street. In a recent visit from Ernie, Charlotte was talkative, and smiling when her roommate kept getting into the conversation. She still is confined to the bed and said several times about going to her own home. She is not comfortable with the phone, but visits and cards are welcome.

VillageCare, Charlotte Ehrman, Room 213 A
214 W Houston St
New York, NY 10014

Village Care is requiring a rapid test and mask wearing and hours are 10-noon, 2-5pm and 6:30- 8pm. Limit of 2 visitors at a time.

Quaker Call to Action

Friends from the New York Quarterly Meeting share this message:

  1. If you have not heard about the Urgent “Quaker Call to Action” organized by weighty Friends around the country, you can read about it here: The upcoming virtual conversation, scheduled for July 31, still has space. There has been a third call scheduled for August 18.

  2. An interest group at Summer Sessions in Silver Bay was held on 7/27 (with Margaret Lew of NYQM and Diane Keefe of Wilton Meeting) to season a response. The Witness Coordinating Committee will also be considering an NYYM response.

  3. NYC Friends will hold an all-day gathering at Penington House on August 6, facilitated by Penington Co-Directory Todd Drake and NYQM’s Margaret Lew. The first half of the day will consider the Call, and the second half will be a workshop on the “Deep Canvassing” method of reaching out across ideological barriers to, in a loving and respectful way, seek positive mutual goals.

  4. Any time you would like to join a group of NYC Friends engaged in canvassing in this spirit, send your email address to, and she will share with you opportunities to join with a Quaker group out in the field.

In Friendship,

Margaret Lew, Todd Drake (Penington Friends House), Ann Kjellberg

Bulletin Board

Our 2022 Annual Appeal


We ask for your financial support for the activities of Morningside Monthly Meeting.  Our annual appeal this year begins on a note of hope: after spending two years in largely virtual activity, we look forward to reengaging in person.  We are restarting our free get-to-know-you breakfasts in the Riverside Café before meeting.  We are hoping to bring children back into meeting and hiring a childcare/educator, and we are hoping to hold an in-person retreat this fall.  All of these will increase our budget to pre- pandemic levels.

In addition, Morningside supports the work of the Peace and Social Concerns committee in contributing funds to organizations whose work helps implement our testimonies of peace, equality and justice.  We also contribute to support New York Yearly Meeting, and fund the work of the Morningside Relief Committee (formerly the Small Committee) providing funds and scholarships to our members in need.

We ask that you contribute what you can to support the work and joy of our meeting.  Donations can be made by checks made out to Morningside Monthly Meeting, which should be mailed to:

Morningside Monthly Meeting
c/o New York Quarterly Meeting
15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003

You can also donate with PayPal directly from our website. Please note, you can use your credit or debit card and don’t need a PayPal account to donate. You can also choose to make a recurring donation.

In Friendship,

Morningside Monthly Meeting Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Affirm Trans Kids

Katherine Alford writes:

Hello Friends,

This is a fundraising event to Affirm Transgender Families started by Friend Elizabeth Powers from Brooklyn Meeting. This is an extremely challenging time for these families with anti-trans legislation proliferating throughout the country. These families that are just trying to do what’s best for their children to be who they are. Please consider joining in person, on zoom, or donating. All ticket sales go to Translegal and Lambda. Follow links below! Every bit of support counts!!!

Bulletin Board

Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Grief and Remembrance, June 4, 11am – 12pm, in the Cemetery

Charlene Ray shares:

Dear All NYC Friends & attenders,

The NYQM Concern for Quaker Living working group, the Cemetery Committee and ARCH invite you to join us in the Cemetery on June 4 for a time to remember Friends and family we have lost and the pandemic challenges that disrupted our communities.

This time is planned as a memorial service, worship as led to speak our grief and name departed loved ones. The Cemetery will be opening at 10:30am to offer time to have a walk around it and settle in for an 11am beginning time. The worship will go as long as it is settled.

The Cemetery will be open until 2:30pm. You are invited to bring water and pack a lunch for after worship and spend some quiet time in this peaceful place. For more about the Cemetery and a map go to

In case of rain, we will be using the Brooklyn Meetinghouse. Please register by sending a request to with Meeting for Grief in the subject line. This way we can be sure to let you know if we are not meeting in the Cemetery.

Bulletin Board

“The Painted Psalms” - a Retrospective

Bernard Winter shares:

Dear Morningside Friends,

I am very, very fortunate to have been given exhibition space at the Shrine of Saint Frances Cabrini! The artwork will consist of a retrospective on the psalm series that I have been working on, off and on, over the past decade. This exhibition runs from June 1st till June 30th. The shrine is located at 701 Fort Washington Avenue in Manhattan, and is open from Tuesdays through Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I will give an artist talk on the psalm series on Saturday, June 11th, at 11:00 a.m. The talk will feature reflections on the work on display, including Psalms number 1, 19, 22, 23, 27, 40, 42, 90, 93, 150.

The best way to access the shrine is to take the ‘A’ train to the 190 street station, or by the M4 bus.

The exhibition is sponsored as an event by the Northern Manhattan Artist Alliance (NoMAA) as part of its annual Uptown Art Stroll.

The following links provide more information about the shrine, NoMAA and my website. Thank you for your support! I hope to see you. If you cannot make the talk, I would be most happy to give you a ‘private tour’ of the show, just let me know. 😇

Cabrini Shrine NYC
Uptown Arts Stroll - Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance
Bernard C Winter Art

Be well - Bernard

Bulletin Board

Outdoor Meeting for Worship Resumes

Come and join us as we meet to worship outdoors every Thursday evening from the beginning of May to the end of September, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, near the Labyrinth of Contemplation in the northwest corner of Battery Park.

You can look for the colorful flower flags over the benches. As the sign we put up on the gate says, “ALL ARE WELCOME.”

For more information contact Sally Campbell or Richard Schmidt, or email

Bulletin Board