Morningside Quaker Meeting

Nominating Committee

The Morningside Nominating Committee:

  • Fills positions and committees in Monthly Meeting by asking people what they would like to do, getting suggestions, and searching for (possibly hidden) talents.
  • In December, presents nominations for positions and committees to Business Meeting, for final approval in January.
  • Meets as needed, but more frequently in the Fall.
  • Maintains a list of Morningside's committees and committee members.
  • Members of Nominating Committee who are members of the Society of Friends also serve on Quarterly Meeting Nominating Committee, which meets about four times per year.

Members of the Nominating Committee are themselves nominated by a Naming Committee (which is established/confirmed by Ministry and Counsel). The naming committee brings names to the business meeting. In January 2021, Charlene Ray and Jason McGill were confirmed by Ministry and Counsel as a Naming Committee, to be brought to meeting for business for approval.