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Alternatives to Violence Project - USA and International

David C Fletcher shares:

AVP USA National Conference: Transforming Through Bold Engagement
May 27 – May 30
Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
Virtual and In-Person

What can you expect at 2022 AVP-USA Annual National Gathering?

The last two years have challenged AVP-USA and local groups to adapt to the new “normal” of the pandemic. In the 2020 annual report, local groups reported leveling up to offer virtual workshops, experimenting with new ways to keep facilitators engaged and to stay connected with incarcerated facilitators. We learned that we are resilient because we are connected, whether across the miles, via the fiber-optics of an Internet connection or thanks to newsletters going inside correctional facilities.

Moving through the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic has strengthened AVP-USA local grassroots groups. For some, shifting out of “that’s how we have always done things” has been uncomfortable, and for others, it’s been a welcome change. In this confrontation, born of necessity, comes growth.

In this same vein, we hope the gathering - through the breakout sessions, speakers and activities - will feed your curiosity, offer you new experiences and new perspectives, and nurture your growth as a human being and facilitator striving to create more peace in our world. Come join your fellow facilitators at the 2022 Annual National Gathering. Connect with familiar faces and make new friends. Learn something new, ask challenging questions and be challenged. Gather in community to build our capacity for transformation. We are stronger together.

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