Morningside Quaker Meeting

Quaker Call to Action

Friends from the New York Quarterly Meeting share this message:

  1. If you have not heard about the Urgent “Quaker Call to Action” organized by weighty Friends around the country, you can read about it here: The upcoming virtual conversation, scheduled for July 31, still has space. There has been a third call scheduled for August 18.

  2. An interest group at Summer Sessions in Silver Bay was held on 7/27 (with Margaret Lew of NYQM and Diane Keefe of Wilton Meeting) to season a response. The Witness Coordinating Committee will also be considering an NYYM response.

  3. NYC Friends will hold an all-day gathering at Penington House on August 6, facilitated by Penington Co-Directory Todd Drake and NYQM’s Margaret Lew. The first half of the day will consider the Call, and the second half will be a workshop on the “Deep Canvassing” method of reaching out across ideological barriers to, in a loving and respectful way, seek positive mutual goals.

  4. Any time you would like to join a group of NYC Friends engaged in canvassing in this spirit, send your email address to, and she will share with you opportunities to join with a Quaker group out in the field.

In Friendship,

Margaret Lew, Todd Drake (Penington Friends House), Ann Kjellberg