Morningside Quaker Meeting

Communications Committee

The New Morningside Website is Live

Though there are a number of improvements we’d still like to make and plenty of feedback we’d still like to collect from the community and act on, the Communications Committee has decided to launch the new Morningside Meeting website at

Our priority is facilitating communication among Morningside Friends. We want to make it easier for committees to coordinate their work and tell the community about their progress. We want to ensure that Morningsiders stay aware of upcoming events. We want them to share important news with each other. We believe that launching and starting to use the website now, even as it evolves, will immediately benefit the community. It will also help us shape the site according to our experiences and needs.

These features are already available on the site:

Committee sections with room for a description of the committee, events, posts, and committee-specific documents. These sections can be further customized as needed. Trained committee members can add documents directly to the site via Google Drive. Other are invited to submit documents via Google Form.

A calendar page, with all community events.

A News section, which can display posts from committees or any individual in the community. Trained contributors can add posts to the site themselves. Anyone can also submit a post to the site admins via Google Form.

A Documents section, with an archive of Newsletters, Business Minutes (incomplete as of this writing), State of the Meeting Minutes, and Memorial Minutes.

We’re asking committees to appoint a liason to the Communications Committee in the coming weeks. Scott will work with liasons to update the main text of their committee’s section of the site, and train them to add posts, documents, and calendar events. Liasons should contact Scott directly or email

You can find documentation about how to contribute to the website on the project’s GitHub Page. Like the site itself, this documentation is evolving; we welcome corrections and suggestions that will improve it.

Friends interested reviewing the December presentation on the website prototype can view the Google Slides here.